If  we  were  their  condemnations                                     :18 Show me your faith without deeds,
    If   we  were  their  projections                                       and I will show you my faith by my deeds.

       If  we  were  our  paranoias                                          :26 As the body without the spirit is dead,

          I 'd  be  joining  you.                                                                        so faith without deeds is dead.

                        Alanis  Morissette                                                                            James Chapter 2

So this is where I am supposed to tell you about myself. Where to start?
I consider myself a Follower, ( read: disciple), of Jesus of Nazareth. I don't say Christian because I don't want to align myself with people who are all fired up about Him, then trip over their own self bloviation. I mean that I try to act outside of church the same way I act inside. I try to put the work into being a better person. A man of heart and kind words, and maybe even help once in a while. I feel the way Robert Plant expressed in Carouselambra :

"...And powerless the fabled sat, too smug to lead a hand; against the enemy that threatens from the deep."

 I'm not better than anyone, I just live to be useful in my life.It is endemic upon Christians, particularly in these, the last days; the days of the Benjamin generation, That we remember why we are here. It isn't to have cars or houses or to have bank accounts. He has never prospered us because of our occupations or the work we put in. He gives us jobs for self worth, but blesses us because He loves us. However, more importantly than that, is our love for Him! He isn't stupid, or anyone's fool. 
 It isn't Him that condemns anyone to perdition, but ourselves because of our self importance. That is how He can love us but not let us into Heaven, because there are others that He loves and cares about and He will not sacrifice them for us. 

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