Section VI



Welcome to Day 5, what is for many of you, your scheduled stop-day.  Dont worry - this is going to be fun!

"To be a consistent winner, means preparing not just one day, one month or even one year - but for a lifetime."  - Bill Rogers, American marathon runner

Something New to Love 

Lets start things off with a totally new idea for you:  What about, if instead of fear and hate for the craving what about if you substitute that for love - and actually welcome the craving. 

Now isnt that a strange thought? 

Think about it:  If you are smoking, then youre not craving.  Do you see?  As it turns out, you actually need the craving; without it, you are smoking. 

So refuse to fight with it or struggle with it.  Learn to welcome craving. 

Remember, fighting it only gives it strength and energy.  Just observe it and be aware of exactly what you are experiencing a short-term, empty, lonely feeling.  Nothing more. 

Once you know this liberating truth, you can actually have fun with controlling your cravings.  By flexing a little muscle, you can show them whos boss. 

As a matter of fact, to demonstrate this later today, well have you bringing on cravings intentionally, just to practice your new control.  Youre going to love the exhilaration you will feel when you use this new power to control the thing that you once feared.  Isnt this getting exciting? 

We conquer the habit by controlling one craving at a time.  By dealing with them one at a time, we simplify the process and reduce it down to the ridiculous.  Its not the entire smoking habit we are dealing with every time; its just one puff off one cigarette - simple, and easy to deal with. 

And it almost makes it a no-contest type of decision.  We now know that the cost-to-benefit ratio is outstanding in our favor.  We receive so many positive benefits, who could say no to them?

Its great to have a strategy to use on craving pangs that works every time, because we are likely to be craving cigarettes forever. 

To see it work, all you need to do is deal with one bout of craving using your new strategy.  Its easy - and once you get into it, it can even be fun. 

When we intentionally bring on cravings later in todays session, youll prove to yourself that theres absolutely nothing to be afraid of.  Theyre all exactly the same and this time youre in the drivers seat.  You are the one in control.

And dont forget, the more times you use this craving handling strategy, the weaker and less frequent the craving will become.  Getting excited yet? 

Look at it this way:  What do you want?  Do you want to be a smoker or do you want to just accept the craving as the cost of doing business?  The cost of not smoking is craving.  Thats it:  Small cost huge benefits.  No hidden charges.

You control them or they control you.  Its entirely up to you.

Heres a new idea to get used to: The craving is here to stay - smoking doesnt have to be. 

It's the same for all smokers:  One puff and your craving stops - but youre smoking again.  Without the smoking, you're craving. 

You can use your Daily Affirmations and Visualization exercises to help you learn to actually be grateful for cravings.  And why not use craving to your advantage?  Why not turn a big negative into a big positive?  With a little ingenuity, you can even learn to use the buzz from the cravings as a substitute for the buzz from inhaling that first drag. 

Nothing external to you has any power over you. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Keeping it a Choice 

Always believe that you are responsible for what you do and the decisions you make.  This is an integral step if you are going to keep this a choice.  When nothing is being taken away from us, we have a stronger sense of control.  Control gives us power. 

In this program, we never take away we only give.  When we Insist on the List we are substituting positive for negative and we are also keeping it a choice.  Its all very positive and adult. 

How you view your situation, plays a vital role in how you feel. When you are told you must perform a certain task, you feel different than when you have decided on your own that its something you want to do.  Climbing a mountain, for instance:  If you are told you must climb the mountain, each step may be miserable and feel overly difficult and painful.  When its your choice to climb the mountain, each step can be an exhilarating, wonderfully positive experience.  Its all how you look at it.

In the case of not smoking to satisfy your craving, nothing is being taken away from you its the exact opposite.  Its your choice to smoke or not to smoke.  It always has been; it just didnt feel like it.

When you refuse to trade all of the wonderful rewards that are yours through your refusal to smoke, you are directly benefiting through your choice.  Choosing to no longer smoke is the best possible choice you can make for yourself, but it works best when its something you want to do. 



By making a decision based on choice every time you crave, you can avoid deprivation symptoms. 

Today, under the Geneva Convention, the most severe punishment allowable by law is deprivation or segregation.  As addiction to smoking is a powerful one, depriving yourself of a cigarette once youre hooked, can produce symptoms of deprivation.

The symptoms associated with deprivation include distortions in perception, anxiety, confusion, persecutory thoughts and blame, delusional memory, impaired concentration, impulsive behavior, partial amnesia and even hallucinations. 

Your refusal to feel deprived will result in reducing these symptoms.  In order to accomplish that, keeping smoking a choice in your life is integral.  Part of the Cravers Code reads, I can have one if I want one.  Repeating this each time is a very effective method to reduce or eliminate any deprivation symptoms.

The many positive benefits that youll receive, by not lighting-up, will help to make this a relatively easy trade-off.  With the feelings of deprivation diminished, youll find the transition to ex-smoker is smoother, with fewer ups and downs or rough spots. 

When you are looking at it the right way, the decision to not smoke is all positive - and always a choice. 


Putting it Altogether 

So there you are, sitting at home after a great meal.  You settle back into a nice comfortable chair and it occurs to you that you are beginning to crave a cigarette. 

What do you do? 

You know its decision time.  You accept the fact that craving is just the cost of doing business as you calmly retrieve your Cravers Code, Insist on the List and Personal Top 10.  You begin to recite the code to yourself: 

The Craver's Code 

#1. I am craving a cigarette.  No games total honesty.  Be an unbiased observer.  No fighting it just accept it.  Face the truth head-on and feel it like it is.  Be real and honest and your fear will dissolve.  Enjoy the raw energy of the feeling and your complete honesty with yourself.

#2. I can have one if I want one.  Always remember: You were born with free will and have a right to use it.  You truly do have a choice.  Only you are responsible for your actions and you are worth this effort.  There is no feeling of being deprived. This is choice time and you are prepared to make your constructive, rational decision, based on truth.  

#3. One puff will cost me all these benefits. Insist on the List.  Begin to read your Personal Top10 list and as much of the supplied Insist on the List wallet folder as you need, until the craving subsides.  The visual impact of the Lists will help you to make your decision and give you something constructive and positive to do during the craving.  Reading your list aloud can add even more impact. This is the time to use your conditioned response, applying gentle pressure between your finger and thumb. It should give you strength while providing a feeling of peacefulness.

#4. This craving is my only cost of not smoking.  The cost of taking a single puff far outweighs the cost of this 20-45 second craving. Understanding the exact costs amounts to being truthful with yourself. There is no other cost to not smoking.  This is it.  Craving gives you all of the benefits on the list. 

And then as you finish, inhale deeply.  Close your eyes (if possible).  Exhale slowly through pursed lips, visualizing all tension and craving pangs leaving with your breath. 

Be pleased with yourself and your decision to not smoke that cigarette - and be proud of the fact that you have invested the time and effort to learn what it takes to successfully control cravings.

This is an exercise that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed and free. Your craving will be gone after reciting this code, every time. 

The Code walks us through the 4 stages of the decision-making process and insures that the important decision we make has the exact same outcome every time. 

It takes advantage of repetition, feeding our subconscious and setting it to work in our favor. 

Recite the Cravers Code whenever you crave. 

You can't think and hit at the same time  - Yogi Berra

After 5 days of practicing your conditioned response, touching your thumb and finger together should produce the same feeling experienced during visualization.  Take advantage of this simple conditioning every time you use the Code. 

Treat each craving as a very important decision it is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life.  You will likely always crave but how you react to that craving has now changed. 

From now on, its not cigarettes that are your best friend; its craving thats your best friend!  Dont be afraid of cravings embrace them!  They are the true sign you arent smoking. 

The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small
.  - Chinese proverb


Practical Application 

Do you want to take your craving handling strategy out for a test spin? 

CmonLets bring on a craving together and try out this new power.  Are you ready?   Do you want a smoke right now? 

Try it out.  It really works. 

Flex a little muscle bring on a craving just to show yourself that youre in control.  When you intentionally bring on a craving you are the one who controls when it happens.  The best game to play with yourself is the one in which you can't lose. 

Don't be afraid to bring on cravings - because you cant fail.  You can't possibly fail when youre in control. 

Habit is a cable; we weave a thread of it each day, and at last we cannot break it.  - Horace Mann, educator

Cmon in the mood to kick a little craving butt?  Think about cigarettes.  O.K. want a smoke, right now? 

Can you feel the craving washing over you?  Great!  Thats the sure sign that you're not smoking!  And that's what you've decided is best for you, isn't it?  After all, youre bringing this one on yourself.  So let's just go with it.  Get on, ride it and dont let go!  Feel the craving, as you pull out you Lists and your Code card and begin reading to yourself: 

#1. I am craving a cigarette. 

#2. I can have one if I want one. 

#3. One puff will cost me all these benefits. Insist on the List.  Read from your Lists until the craving subsides. Be sure to touch your finger and thumb together while you read and feel that great peaceful feeling you experience during visualization. 

#4. This craving is my only cost of not smoking. 

To finish: Inhale deeply. Close eyes (if possible).  Exhale slowly through pursed lips, visualizing all tension and craving pangs leaving with your breath. 

Feeling like a non-smoker should be a wonderful, free feeling. You should almost feel light on your feet or like you want to dance around full of joy.  Doesn't this feel good?  Isnt it easy?

If you can't feel it yet, just stick with it.  Bring on the cravings, yourself, and free yourself from that "slave" feeling.  Youre in charge now.  Rejoice in your newfound power and freedom. 

 "One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again."  - Abraham Maslow, Psychologist, 1908-1970



Reward yourself with a little recognition.  Youve earned it. 

Tell yourself that youre tough and the craving is weak.  Feel good about doing something so enormously positive in your life. Don't give the craving more recognition than it's worth.  Extinguish the fear associated with craving. Youre in control now. 

Make a conscious, rational decision based on facts, each time - and do it the same way, every time.  Never deviate.  Just stick with what works. Then reward yourself for your efforts.  Rewards work. 

Reward yourself and youll be tapping into a real powerhouse.  They have played a major role in your smoking life and now you can focus on positive accomplishments. 

How about putting aside some or all of the money that you used to spend on cigarettes each day and buy yourself something nice at the end of each successful week.  Take the power of rewards seriously and write out a quick plan.  With the cost of cigarettes at an all-time high, it doesnt take long for the money to accumulate. 

After a very short time youll have enough for a visit to a local spa to be pampered or maybe you could use a new MP3 player. Go ahead and treat yourself.  You deserve it. 

Be careful to treat yourself kindly in your thoughts, too.  Try to keep them to the present only never future or past.  And feel good about yourself.  When you find yourself thinking about smoking, try to dwell on one or more of the positive aspects of not smoking, that you just couldnt live without.  Use the code while remaining in passive observer mode. 


What Else to Expect 

During this first 48 hours or so, you may experience occasional light-headedness.  Its just a short-term oxygen rush as all the carbon monoxide and the by-products leave your blood and the oxygen returns to normal levels.  Remember, the oxygen level can increase as much as 15% in a very short period of time. 

This short-term lightheadedness is actually a very comfortable feeling almost euphoric.  Feel free to welcome and enjoy it for what it is a good sign that everythings on track.  Dont worry about this strange new feeling.  It wont last long.  Dont fight it just be an observer.  And when you need to, control the craving with the Code. 


A Personal Commitment 

"Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the staircase."
- Martin Luther King Jr.

The power of the commitment is all-important to the success of this program. 

One of the most important tools you can use to stop smoking for good is the personal pledge.  By solemnly pledging to yourself to never, under any circumstances, react to the craving the same old way, ever again, you guarantee the final word is always going to be in your favor.  This is exactly what you need to provide yourself the resolve when the going gets a little tough - but it only works when you really mean it. 

When your subconscious is coming up with reason after reason that you should act on the craving by smoking a cigarette and you need a little extra, this is a good one to have in your arsenal.  Now is the time to insist on receiving all the benefits on your list for the rest of your life. 

Refuse to be ripped-off another day.  This is where you officially resolve to no longer give up your life to the lies of the tobacco companies.  Make a personal commitment to yourself to use your new knowledge and power starting right here and right now. You only have to do this once. 

This is when it becomes real and official and it all starts to work for you.  It happens right now.  This is your own personal pledge to make an informed, rational decision, based on truth, every time no matter what.  

Please take a couple of minutes and write-out and sign the following:

I,      (Your Name Here)                     , do hereby solemnly pledge to myself, that under absolutely no circumstances will I ever react to craving by lighting a cigarette.  From this moment forward, I will use the Cravers Code and Insist on the List to control craving. 

Now sign it, date it, and give it the reverence it deserves by keeping it with your Lists and Code card. 

Thats all there is to it.  Theres no need to dwell on this pledge if it feels a little uncomfortable or corny.  Just get it done and over with and keep it nearby until you need it.

You did it!  Congratulations! 

Success is more a function of consistent common sense than it is of genius. - An Wang, industrialist


Part B:  Staying Stopped For Good 

Youre Not Smoking Now What? 

Do what you feel in your heart to be right for youll be criticized anyway.  Youll be damned if you do and damned if you dont. -  Eleanor Roosevelt, US First Lady

Youve decided to take control of your craving and thats great. 

Now your number one goal is to remain in control.  As you are already aware, the first 48 hours are going be the most intense, compounded by the short-lived, physical withdrawal period.  At this point in the program, you should be equipped with everything you need to minimize symptoms and keep it positive. 

Now that you are making a conscious, rational decision, each and every time you crave, you will be noticing the beginning of a great many positive changes in your life. 

Big pay-offs begin in just a couple of days, when youll begin to breathe easier, cough less and enjoy a heightened sense of taste and smell.  Insist on these great new positive sides of life that you have been missing out on. 

The cravings lose their strength and duration as they die from lack of energy.  The more times you use the Cravers Code on them, the weaker they get. Over the next few months craving pangs will become less and less frequent, as your subconscious is being reprogrammed. 

After a year of being smoke-free, you have an 85 percent chance of maintaining your abstinence and after five years, you have a 97 percent chance of continued success. 

Youll experience a boost in your energy levels and within a year your chance of coronary heart failure will be half that of a smoker. 

After only a few months your lungs will also be restored to the point where they can clean themselves again.  After just 5 years the lung cancer death rate is cut in half.

It takes pre-cancerous cells 10 years to be replaced - and by that time chances of contracting lung cancer is the same as if youd never smoked.  It takes 15 years for your heart to get to the state of a non-smoker.  And these benefits are about to begin for you right now. 


What Will We Do With Ourselves? 

When it comes to what to do with our hands and mouth, it's really not that big of a deal.  Its simply a case of attachment through association and an easy one to look after.  Youve just needed to use your hands and mouth to administer the drug.  Thats the only reason it feels a little strange at first, when there isnt something going on there.  It is not real or part of normal life, as its only there to facilitate the drugs administration. 

Remember, you wouldnt smoke if it werent for the nicotine.  And you wouldnt need to move your hand up to your mouth so often, if it werent for the device used to administer the drug. 

Heres another consideration:  When you are smoking, you don't need something in your hands, other than the cigarette, correct?  So why would you when you are not smoking?  Do you see?  Without the drug, theres no need to move your hand to your mouth. 

Negative substitutions like sugary gum, candy and sunflower seeds can prolong the reduction process, where busying your hands with something positive such as playing a musical instrument or drinking a glass of water, can have a helpful, constructive effect.  Dont forget the power of the conditioned response.  Apply gentle pressure between your thumb and finger for extra strength and peacefulness.

Dont worry, when you use all the tools at your disposal, this part wont bother you too much or for very long. 


Distract Yourself

There are many little changes you need to make to fit your new lifestyle.  For example, now that you are no longer smoking, there isnt a need for you to stand out in the rain during your break at work.  You get to stay inside where its dry and warm, with all the other non-smokers.


Sometimes having a preplanned distraction can be useful during these little adjustments.  Here are a few examples to get you started:


         While in a line up, try to imagine peoples names

Can you come up with some of your own distractions to add to this list?  Your new lifestyle requires new activity and this is a great place to start.


You Are Prepared 

You are different, now.  You have the knowledge you need to make the right choice every time.  You have the training to be a successful ex-smoker.  You now possess all the tools you need to shape your behavior to what it was before you ever started to smoke. 

Keep in mind youve been here before and life seemed perfectly normal without cigarettes then and it will again.  Youve never been in such good shape to stay smoke-free since you started smoking. 

In fact, now that youve learned all of the information in this program, you are far better prepared than most of the over 50 million ex-smokers in North America were when they first stopped smoking.  If they can do it, you certainly can do it, too! 

The best way to think about smoking now is that there is NO positive side to it for you anymore.  It never gave you anything other than a little buzz - but and it takes away so much more.  It doesnt deserve your validation.


Keep It Positive 

Praise your efforts.  Be gentle with yourself and be calm and patient.  Always remember to keep it positive.  You are doing this for you and you are worthy of the effort.  Tell yourself you are stronger and more prepared now than ever before.  Remember, its not the situation that causes stress its your reaction to the situation that decides it. 

Use daily affirmations.  Say at least 10 times: I am a non-smoker and I love it!  Say it whenever you think about it throughout the day even without the mirror.  The more often you use this repetition the more familiar your new identity will become to your subconscious.  Enjoy the new feeling of control. Youre the captain of your own ship again. 

The tobacco companies dont control you and your actions any longer.  The craving doesnt have control over your actions any longer. You control your actions from now on. 

Doesnt this feel great?

Want to show them whos the boss, again?  Lets bring on a craving and enjoy it.  Cmon, are you ready? Lets think about cigarettes.  Welcome the craving and feel it wash over you as you pull out your List folder and Code card and begin to read to yourself. 

#1. I am craving a cigarette. 

#2. I can have one if I want one. 

#3. One puff will cost me all these benefits. Insist on the List.  Read from your lists until the craving subsides.  (Remember to use your conditioned response here.)

#4. This craving is my only cost of not smoking.  Inhale deeply. Close eyes (if possible).  Exhale slowly through pursed lips, visualizing all tension and craving pangs leaving with your breath. 

Wasnt that excellent?  Is it working for you yet? 

Feeling like a non-smoker should be a wonderful, free feeling.  If you are still not quite in the groove with it yet, dont worry.  Remember, it gets easier the more times you use it. 


Prepare to be Questioned 

If you have a support team on your side, you are likely in control of this area of your life.  But keep in mind that occasionally others may question you about your non-smoking. 

While its still new and fresh, if you keep your answer short and direct, you will keep the spotlight off your new lifestyle choice. I just dont want one, is a simple but effective answer. 

After a couple of days, as you become more accustomed to beating the craving every time, your not smoking will be old news and with any luck at all, youll avoid most of the spotlight, altogether. 

Smile and remember some of your smoking acquaintances are going to envy your new lifestyle choice.  Envy can trigger some less-than-gracious behavior; so dont be shocked if one of them even offers you a smoke.  Our advice is to just politely decline and dont give it another thought.  Its not worth the energy. 


Same Habits For 2 Weeks 

There are several changes that naturally occur when you choose to no longer use tobacco.  For instance, you no longer are required to brave a blizzard during break-time at work. 

Other than these corresponding differences, as we mentioned in the Introduction, try to avoid any major adjustments or life events for the next two weeks, or so.  For example, if you were planning to begin dieting in the near future, put it off for at least the next 2 weeks.  If you were planning to cut caffeine out of your routine, go ahead but not for 2 weeks. 

Your focus should just be on remaining calm, positive and smoke-free and at times that will be a handful.  While maintaining a steady rhythm in your life, there are 5 positive adjustments that will make a considerable difference: 

#1. Drink more water for at least the first 2 days or so 

#2. Keep your mouth refreshed throughout the day 

#3. *Take a good multi-vitamin with extra vitamin C and E 

#4. *Exercise a little more

#5. *Consume fewer calories (if youre weight conscious)

* Please consult your doctor for an exercise, diet and vitamin program thats right for you.

Choosing to take control of your cravings as they come along is a big change and requires attention.  When you dont make any other big, avoidable changes in your life for a while, youll be able to focus strengths where you need them. 

As we mentioned in the Introduction, if you regularly drink coffee, then we suggest you continue to drink coffee - just keep it at a moderate level, say 2 cups.  Too much caffeine can make us jittery and uptight.  And with our focus on remaining calm, relaxed and positive, its not a good mix.  If you are one of those people who consider a coffee break is when you dont have one in front of you, try drinking decaffeinated coffee or another substitute, once youve reached your 2-cup maximum. 

If you usually have a cocktail after work, you may want to continue to do so.  Again, keep it moderate.  Alcohol reduces your inhibitions; it lets down your guard and increases your risk.  You may want to avoid alcohol altogether, for the first while.  If you choose to drink, be sure to keep it to a maximum of 2 drinks for men and 1 drink for women.  Studies show the greater the alcohol consumption, the greater the urge to smoke.   

Once you slaughter the, crave one with my coffee or crave one with alcohol scenario a few times, it doesnt come back as often or with as much intensity each time.  Face it head-on and it will eventually fade away. 

While it's a good idea to stay away from potentially dangerous situations for the first while, you may find avoiding reality altogether will produce more harm than good.  Remember, when you make a conscious, rational decision every time you crave a cigarette, you are in control. If you usually go to the bar, you might want to consider going. 

If you feel you are depriving yourself, youre making it harder than it has to be.  Just focus on what you receive, not on what you lose.  Then as the cravings come on, self-induced and otherwise, find a rhythm and then just stick with it.  Deal with every craving the same way every time and youll control them every time. 

Once its working well for you, dont try changing it.  Stay out of your own way.  All you are really doing is making one small change in the way you react to craving.  All the other little adjustments in behavior are there to support your new reaction.  So, although making the right decision when you crave is all-important, the actual physical process is really very simple and repetitive. 

Be aware of the triggers you are bombarded with through the media and other sources every day and be prepared to use your new knowledge and tools to control the bouts of craving they cause.  Keep your support tools close.


Ups and Downs 

Now that you aren't smoking, and your body is weaning itself from regular injections of nicotine, you may find your moods are a little up and down, for the first while.  When you feel yourself slipping into a low spot, use breathing exercises, your conditioned response trigger (fingertip to thumb) and visualization. 

Exercise or just simple stretching is a great way to deal with the low times, as well.  Nothing beats a good workout to make you feel great.  Regular exercise will keep you fit, physically and mentally.  If you arent currently exercising, your doctor can provide a program that suits you best.

Affirmations are also helpful during tough times, as is a simple glass of water.  Through deep breaths and positive persistence you will get through even the lowest low of the first few days, as your body adjusts.  Remember to dwell on the positive aspects of your new lifestyle and focus on the benefits you receive.

Your moods will soon smooth out, as the process gets progressively easier with fewer and less intense cravings each day. 

Dont forget: All traces of nicotine will be gone from your system within 48 hours.  And with the physical withdrawal out of the way, dealing with craving pangs head-on requires little effort.

It even becomes fun! 


Avoid H.A.L.T. 

There are 4 situations where we are most prone to let our guards down.  The entire process of stopping smoking is guaranteed to be easier for you if you can avoid these danger zones, for at least the next 48 hours. 

The 4 situations you do not want to find yourself in are:





Or just remember: HALT.

Anger can burn up large amounts of mental energy, very quickly.  When you find yourself being unduly influenced or at a weak moment, use your Code Card, wallet folder, breathing exercises and your conditioned response.  Continuing to use Daily Affirmations and Visualization exercises for extra strength is also a good idea.



With no negative substitutions you wont prolong the time it takes for you to get used to fewer hand to mouth actions.  Although it may feel a little easier to chew on something at first, it will only prolong your attachments and hurt you in the long run.  The ideal situation is to refuse to use any substitutes.

However, in the real world, not all situations are ideal.  If you feel the need to snack, choose low calorie snacks such as carrots and celery sticks.  Many people use food for rewards especially when cigarettes are no longer being used.  This is something you need to be aware of, as weight gain is inevitable with increased caloric intake and a slowed-down metabolism. 

When you crave and then feed your craving with substitutions like high-calorie foods, candies, sunflower seeds, etc. instead of dealing with the craving head-on, you will prolong the adjustment period. 

Choose low calorie mints and sugar-free gum to keep your mouth busy, without the weight gain and when you make a conscious effort to use pre-planned rewards such as a designated time to play your favorite computer game; renting a video; contacting an old friend; a walk; you are less likely to fall into the food for rewards trap. 


Watch Your Mouth 

Now that you don't smoke, you aren't going to smell like a smoker.  It really helps to keep your mouth tasting fresh, too.  If you are normally a gum-chewer, you should remain a gum-chewer.  Otherwise, sucking small, low or non-caloric mints like Tic Tacs can be helpful to keep your mouth feeling and tasting fresh throughout the day. 

Treat yourself to clean teeth with increased tooth brushing for the first few weeks.  You may find it helpful to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste close by.  As long as you're gentle it's pretty hard to over-brush and it really does wonders to keep your mouth refreshed.  A fresh tasting mouth makes a big difference, especially with your new heightened sense of smell and taste.  Its a wonderful change from tasting like an ashtray, too.


Metabolism Change 

Smoking speeds up your heartbeat and your metabolism, so when you first stop, your body will not be burning calories at the same rate as it used to.  The result is that most people that stop smoking will gain some weight. 

It is widely believed that the average weight gain one can expect is about 5 pounds. New information indicates that the actual number is closer to 20 pounds, if you continue to ingest the same amount of calories youre body is getting, now. 

There are many healthy ways to burn off excess calories and you dont have to poison yourself to do it.  When you arent smoking youre naturally more active, which helps to keep the weight gain to a minimum.  With breathing becoming easier for you now, your new lifestyle may include an additional increase in physical activity.

Based on the weight reduction formula of 100 calories per day = 5 pounds per year, cutting back on your calorie intake by 200 per day and increasing your exercise and activity level to burn off a further 200 per day, any threat of weight gain should be eliminated.  Please consult your doctor for a weight management program thats right for you.

Again, having carrot sticks and celery sticks handy keeps you snacking and healthy at the same time.  A bottle of water at your side makes a great constant companion especially when you first butt-out and your body is detoxing.  Diet sodas and fruit juice are good to keep you well hydrated, as well.

During your first few days of being smoke-free, be particularly kind to yourself where food and treats are concerned.  Your new lifestyle is centered on a healthier you, but dont be overly concerned about a few extra calories at first, if you need them.  Many people regularly use food for rewards and this is not the time to change that.

Practically anything you can put in your mouth is safer than a cigarette.  A little temporary weight gain cant kill you but continuing to smoke certainly can.  Stay focused on keeping it positive and for now please dont worry about a little weight gain.  If it happens, you can always take it off later, once youve adjusted into your new smoke-free lifestyle.


No More Fear 

Every decision we make is based on either fear or desire. 

You no longer need to fear cravings.  You can now desire them and everything that comes along with them.  We need cravings. If you arent craving, at least occasionally, then youre smoking.  So cravings are a very important sign for you. 

Heres your choice from now on: Either you control them - or they control you.  Its entirely your decision.  You now possess everything you need to control them from now on.

With the power to bring on cravings at will and control them with the Code and Lists, most of the fear you had for withdrawal should either be going or be gone by now.  With that, you will experience a new sense of power over the addiction like youve never felt before.  It will feel really good. 

Keep in mind that it was likely fear of the craving that kept you smoking all this time and now that you control it, the fear dissolves. 

And isnt it great to not feel deprived of anything?  You win everything on your Lists every time you beat a craving.  This is so worth your effort.  Its truly the best possible thing you can do for yourself.  And its sort of fun too, isnt it. 

Are you getting into it yet? CmonLets bring on another cravingready?  O.K. here we go.  Please join in.  Do you feel that empty, lonely feeling of the craving starting to wash over you?  Can you feel it?  Just think about cigarettes. O.K?  Good.  Thats the feeling you want.  Its validation that you aren't smoking.  Craving gives you everything on your Lists.

All right, now, recite the Code with me. 

#1. I am craving a cigarette. 

#2. I can have one if I want one. 

#3. One puff will cost me all these benefits.  Insist on the List.  Read 'til it's gone. Use your conditioned response.

#4. This craving is my only cost of not smoking.

Finish with a deep breath and feel all tension and any remnants of the craving leave, as you exhale through pursed lips. As you touch your finger and thumb together, feel the peace brought on during visualization.  Do you see?  Isnt this wonderful?  Once you control when you crave and then use the Code on it, your fear for craving melts away. 


To speed up the recovery process, for the next few days, bring on the cravings intentionally, several times each day and using the Code, squash each of them like a bug. 


Youll love it.  Its fun.  Rejoice in your new freedom.  The cravings are a symbol for you, from now on.  They signify the fact that you arent smoking.  As an addict-for-life, you cant have one without the other. 

Cravings only gather negative energy or power when you act on them negatively.  The simple, no-fail solution is just dont feed them.  Its a law of the universe:  Without energy it will die. 

No matter what excuses and doubts your subconscious comes up with, you now possess the power and the tools to handle any trial.  You are now fully equipped to Stop Smoking For Good!


Your New Lifestyle

Your new lifestyle is focused on taking better care of you.  Now that you arent smoking, you no longer use the nicotine buzz for rewards.  So heres a short list of alternatives you can use for inspiration any time you feel the need to maintain your focus on who you are looking after.

Pamper Yourself

Experience Nature

Enjoy Life

         Cook a special meal and enjoy it by candlelight

"Our real problem is not our strength today; it is rather the vital necessity of action today to ensure our strength tomorrow."  - Calvin Coolidge 1872-1933, Thirtieth US President

A Final Word

As you know, for the next 48 hours or so, you can expect occasional - but often intense - feelings washing over you.  Dont forget to lean on your Personal Support Team when you need them and if you feel you need additional support, there are many wonderful resources to choose from.

With a single puff greatly increasing your chances for total relapse, please do whatever it takes to avoid taking that first puff.  Remember there is no safe level of tobacco smoke and you signed a pact with yourself.

Dont forget your support team and the telephone Quit lines, if you feel pressure mounting.  Telephone counseling services often offer free structured telephone programs that you may choose to compliment this one.  Or you can call them when times get tough and you could just use some words of encouragement from a trained professional.  There are certainly many ex-smokers that can attest to the merits of telephone cessation counseling and you shouldnt overlook this highly recommended resource.

Use all of your new knowledge, methods and techniques and everything else at your disposal to avoid that first puff and above all - enjoy your wonderful new lifestyle.

Before you go to bed tonight, think about today and how well you did.  Doesnt it feel great?  You should feel proud of your accomplishments!  Youve prepared yourself well and you have learned what it takes to be an ex-smoker.  Well done!

If you didnt quite make it and smoked after signing you Personal Commitment, please dont be too hard on yourself.  Just determine what triggered you to light up and decide what youll do to handle the situation differently next time.  And stick with it.

Remember, when you apply your new fail-safe craving-handling strategy to one craving at a time with, you can expect success.

Congratulations.  You did it!  You are the worlds newest ex-smoker!  Well done!

Every time you win, it diminishes the fear a little bit.  You never really cancel the fear of losing; you keep challenging it. - Arthur Ashe, tennis player

I would rather fail in a cause that will ultimately triumph than to triumph in a cause that will ultimately fail.  - Woodrow Wilson, 28th US President

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.  - Thomas Edison


Carry-Along Support Tools

Your carry-along tools can be copied electronically, for your own use.  They include:


         The Cravers Code Wallet Card

         The Insist on the List Wallet Folder

         The Progress Log Pack Wrappers


To download these tools online for free, visit: