The Jezebel Spirit is a nasty spirit to deal with for certain. It's partner is the Spirit of Ahab forming one of the principalities of hell. Also, anytime you see a Jez spirit look for a spirit of Leviathan. They appear to be running mates. Realize, tho, that this spirit has No Gender, but it is described in the bible in a woman therefore people have the mental image of female. Don’t let it deceive you, there are plenty of jezebel men but the same traits exist so pay attention to those, not to gender. Here are some of the Characteristics of this spirit: Jezebel’s do not feel love. To them Love is a “weapon of choice” and they will use it quickly and indiscriminately.  So After you identify this spirit and are convinced, then guard your heart carefully and do things programmatically so as to allow no room for manipulation by this spirit. It is hard to deal with a spirit in a person without harming the person so measure your steps carefully, but measure them.   The very first quality of a Jezebel Spirit is their undeniable, ever-present need to always be right. They are not humble and seek the input of others, but have an unquenchable desire to “win” over you in everything.” One - Up is Jez's favorite game. The spirit of Jezebel is ‘malignant narcissism’ for which there is no cure. Other traits are: excessive self-love; an unshakable conviction that it is better, smarter, or more talented than other people; becomes irritated when other people don’t automatically do what it wants them to do; thinks most criticisms of it are motivated by jealousy; regards anything short of worship to be rejection; often complains of being mistreated or misunderstood; has fantasies of doing something great or being famous, and often expects to be treated as if these fantasies were true.

            The second thing is the “chameleon” spirit it possesses; the ability to create and wear a mask. It will adapt to it's surroundings to seem like a loving, charming, and even peaceful person while trying to get a hold on your soul. It will appear to blend in, and suddenly, out of nowhere begin verbally attacking you either with snide or underhanded comments or out right judgments.  The Jezebel spirit is born out of witchcraft and is designed to destroy the person it resides in, their spouse, children, family, relationships, marriages, the church, the prophets of God, and the body of Christ in general, in every crafty and subtle way possible. Jezebel’s chameleon spirit is good at using “buzz words” to sound and appear godly, but her life doesn’t produce godliness. Following her life and example will lead to rebellion, darkness, anger, and strife. And in the end will leave a person old, alone and bitter, having done it job of destroying their life. It is a master of the “blaming game”, and is extremely clever in gaining sympathy for herself by producing convincing arguments for it’s case, usually portraying itself as fair in it’s assessments even ignoring glaring errors in judgment. It will twist and turn information to suit her, even if it involves lying and crying, anything to make you be the responsible or guilty one. Jezebel does not truly forgive people who offend her. She keeps track of all past offenses, and she uses them to manipulate people and situations. It’s love is always conditional, always letting  you know the things that please her and those that don’t so if you do not comply, she will reject you and most times aggressively, even violently.

Jezebel hates children, especially it's own, but it takes great discernment to discover it. The Jezebel spirit also makes it difficult for a woman to conceive. Women with the Jezebel Spirit tend to treat their children cold and distant, rarely showing tears or emotion. She likes to make sure they don’t get any sympathy, because she hates weakness. She doesn’t show much love or affection – genuine hugs, smiles, and affirmation are a rare gift. Usually, her children are merely treated as pawns in her game of control and achievement of power. She uses conditional love to ensure her children’s subordination. In this way, they will always strive for her attention and approval, and she will glory in it, only for her own self-gratification.

            The third aspect is it's use of seduction, deception, and manipulation to control your mind, your actions, and your destiny. It wants to see how far it can involve itself into your life, how far you are willing to allow it to go. Jezebels usually come in two categories; the high-profile, and the low-profile. The high-profile, active Jezebel is the person who is the leader of the home, including everyone in it. They are the one who “wears the pants” in the marriage/family, the overbearing, bossy, in-control, in charge, dominating person, who is outspoken, bold, and militaristic. The low-profile, passive Jezebel is the person who controls the family “behind the scenes”. It has a meek exterior, and no one would guess that “she” has the family in a head-lock, quietly controlling, manipulating, and destroying peoples’ lives. It is soft-spoken, seemingly submissive and nice on the outside, and only the closest family knows the truth about who it really is.
            The control the children are under causes them not to develop as strong, individual, healthy human beings, but causes perversion and confusion, and sexual immorality. Children of Jezebels can also fall in the exact opposite category, being overly well-behaved, submissive, pleasing, passive, and shy of conflict. They can be recognized by their fear, lack of ambition and self-esteem, many times rather wanting to take the blame for everything upon themselves, instead of searching for justice.
A Jezebel spirit will never admit any fault or wrong-doing. The spirit of Jezebel brings about a tremendously powerful confusion that can make you doubt everything you stand for. A Jezebelite doesn’t respect anyone, and certainly not someone of lesser authority than herself. It  will never humble herself and help find a way to make things work. Things have to be it’s way, or no way at all. The spirit of Jezebel is a very overwhelming and overbearing spirit that gives the Jezebelite an arrogant and self confident flare and attitude, making it believe it is invincible. It believes with all it’s might that it is the victim of every seemingly injustice committed against it up through it’s life, and it is fully convinced that anyone who doesn’t accede to  it’s authority, is against it, plotting it’s downfall. In many cases, the Jezebelite has been the victim of sexual abuse in it’s childhood, and carries a huge grudge against men, and people in general. They demand “silk-glove” treatment. So, in order to combat it, you need to first be completely convinced in your belief about what you are dealing with.


Jezebel’s “victims” also are almost comical in their uniformity of display; they also talk the same talk no matter where in the world they are. Jezebel victims always tend to defend her out of fear. The guilt that this spirit uses against anyone around it makes the people feel that everything is their fault and that the spirit is really the “good one”.  They feel responsible to stand up for it to let everyone know that it “really is a good person” and that it “really has a good heart and only wants the right things”. They say, “she does a lot of good to people”, and, “you just have to understand her personality”, or, “she doesn’t have any bad intentions at all”. Excuses for behavior are one major sign of something amiss. “You are what you do.” A person is known for the fruits of their labor. But also for the trail of destruction they leave behind.


What it is doing is making it’s own feeling, opinions, and needs more important than God. The righteous living in God is pushed aside to accommodate it’s personal perception on the way it sees life. When it lives in fear, controls people, and doesn’t admit any wrong doing, “it’s okay”, because “nobody’s perfect”, and “we have to understand where she’s coming from and what she has to battle in her life”. Slowly it lifts the focus off of God and Jesus and onto itself, making it’s struggles and shortcomings “understandable” and something we all should sympathize with, instead of suggesting that it should change and repent from wrong and ungodly attitudes.


Although the “victims”, may not realize or admit that they are afraid of it, you can easily tell how much they actually fear approaching the person with anything it doesn’t like to hear. They will say to you, “Oh, please don’t say anything bad to her. Don’t make her upset, or else she will get angry”. In other words, they fear the person’s  reaction and the possible punishment and repercussion they might suffer after trying to speak into their life. They have all tried in the past, and failed miserably at reaching the person. Now, they try the approach of being patient and understanding. But the spirit is never satisfied. Ever. They try to give it  anything it demands but no matter their efforts, it will continue to be bitter and hateful to them, be discontent, demand change, demand perfection, throw fits, and demand whatever it wants because what it is seeking is destruction, not mollification. After living with Jezebel for many years, they start becoming weary and disillusioned. They start believing that they really are a failure, as it has been pointing out so clearly, and that they are the one to blame for it all. The Jezebel Spirit loves to make them suffer internally, digging themselves more and more into the pit of defeat for every day that goes by. The more they try to please her, the more of a sucker they are. And the more she despises them for it. It’s like the Devil when he comes to tempt us to fall into sin, and when we finally fall he heaps condemnation on us to make us believe there is no way out for us, although Jesus is willing to forgive any sin. That is the way he traps us in defeat, and Jezebel uses the same mechanism.

 Jezebels grows stronger in their abilities to manipulate, control, and dominate over the years so be careful who you pray with.. You will find Jezebels of all levels in churches. Do not intercede with someone who bosses you around, telling you when to pray, and what to pray. Do not pray with someone who stops you to correct your praying by telling you that you are doing it all wrong, and then points out someone else to continue in your place. Jezebels are very good at cutting people off from their friends and fellow worshippers. Do not let the person  manipulate their way in between you and your other intercessor friends, whom you are in spiritual agreement with, and one with in the Spirit of God, causing a division to come between you, ultimately destroying the prayer group! Do not allow the person’s “take-over” spirit to set the agenda, by running their own mini-ministry inside your prayer group. The person will take excess time to read the Word, pray for people un-encouraged, sing or play music way too long, and practice healing and praying as if the person is the main minister. It can be difficult to discern the spirits sometimes, but ask the Holy Spirit to expose it. If the person starts to run the show, speak up in God’s authority! Tell the person how you do things according to the order and authority of God’s given directions in the Word of God. Do not be afraid of a confrontation, or try to keep the peace with the person. If they  don’t submit, ask them to leave! Do not be lenient with this spirit, it’s focus is to destroy your ministry and the people associated with it. It will  drag you and the church down.

 Watch out when the person starts isolating other prayer partners, spending extra alone time with them. The peson will often move outside of the building and start leading the group outside, bedazzling them with “wise teachings” and create soul ties with them. Jezebel works fast and ruthlessly. It  goes after the weak one’s, and even “buys” them by giving gifts or trips or money, all to get a foot in the door.

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