Unclean Spirits: Self ideas There is a type of unclean spirit that is a little more difficult to ascertain. It is the beliefs of desire. These aren’t in themselves bad, but there are open to error. They take the form of: if a=b and b=c than a=c. We heard something and accepted it as truth then used it to justify a desire that we have so therefore it must be right. This can be most anything and in and of itself it isn’t a problem unless it runs contrary to God’s will. These ideas will invariably set us crossways to the peace and harmony that The Lord intended for us. An example: The Lord doesn’t prosper us because we work hard. The Bible says to be good stewards therefore if I make money and prosper than I am fulfilling God’s will. This isn’t the truth. What The Bible actually says is The Father will prosper what we put our hands to, whatever that is and He does it because it pleases Him when we prosper. Because as a good father, He takes care of His children. Not because we slave away at something. So if you work hard to gain a new house, car or more money…your desire is a worldly desire and that is all the reward you will receive. He didn’t put you in the rat race.. you did that when you let it pull you down into the world. If you keep your focus on The Lord and His Love and Grace…You can keep yourself out of the rat race and therefore out of the world. You will be a good steward when you accept that you have a job because he gave it to you. Now you can approach your occupation will a Godly attitude of appreciation and not obligation. Obligation puts you in a position that you are required to perform up to a certain level, and God help you if you fail. Obligation pressures you to perform. However, when you love someone you want them to be happy. Love and Grace works the desire in you that He be happy and empowers you to reach higher than possible carrying the weight of your own success every day. And all of this happened because you were misinformed. Martin Luther was a catholic cleric that lived a life of pain and degradation until The Spirit led him to read the Bible for himself and he was transformed by the truth. He then started the Protestant Reformation. That is why it is important to start by actually reading the book. Find out what it says for yourself. And with the correct word, The Spirit will testify to those things that He wants to know. You will experience an “opening of your heart” to a particular passage or verse. And He uses this to weaken the hold of the incorrect ideas in your mind; “pulling down of strongholds.” The problems start when we think that we are right. We see no reason to change anything because “Of Course I’m right”!

            You can actually visualize reaching into your soul and pulling the incident out of your soul and tossing it away from you, it does feel funny to do this, ( I know.. it feels black and sick and evil.. but you don’t want it anyway.)Don’t bear down and “clench” or “ harden” your heart around it, open up and take it out. You want to have a sense that the incident is leaving you. That is a good thing…All of the negative emotions associated with it are being taken away also, That is the Power and Ability of The Messiah to “cleave between spirit and soul” and take only what is hurtful to you and leave the good in you. And Please don’t use the “I deserve it” excuse, you are only condemning yourself. Because truly, I don’t care if you think you are right or not because I am talking about being right with the Father and Son….that is well worth throwing away a little self righteousness. So be prepared to ignore the guilty “ I caused this” or the self righteous “But they own me this!”. And do it until the pain/guilt/anger leaves. NOW…why I digressed.. DO NOT try to send it back to the person.. THAT’S sorcery, (forcing YOUR will on someone else) and it makes you just like them and that is a step in the wrong direction. You can select to “push” it out of your heart and ask The Spirit to fill the empty place with peace.
            For the Healer: I pull, you can push... same thing. The more important part is the understanding of what it is that you are truly after. Because if you just run up on someone and trying to cast out an unclean spirit and haven’t listened to anything they have said….you can assume that you are about to screw up and much more importantly.. Screw it up and then leave them with a sense that “He can’t heal me.” Or worse “I deserve this.” And that is your fault… so take a moment and listen to what they have to say and let The Spirit guide your heart through the healing.
You can’t forgive anyone until you get free of the incident. Only after you get free of the past... can your spirit finally come forth and His Spirit can live through you. And ask the Spirit for help... it’s why we have Him!


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