There seems to be some confusion between evil and unclean spirits. Everyone knows what evil spirits are, the minions of the other that work at destroying, distracting of just blinding us to our place and our path with Jesus. I won’t do a study on who they are or what their influence is. Just command all of them out of a person and they all have to obey them Word of God.

            But it’s the unclean spirits that give us the most trouble and give them the paths into our spirits. It’s the ideas that we hold about ourselves and about The Father and Jesus that cause us to deny or at least reject the truth. “Walking out our salvation”, ( sanctification – which ever word you want to use; Salvation means more then just our redemption….it the redemption of our circumstances also; i.e. poverty, health…etc). The Father and Jesus have complete sanctity. Our differences from Them are caused by what we pick up from the world. Words or incidents in our lives that we, in unguarded moments allow into our spirits, “There are starving children in Africa that would love to have those Brussels sprouts! . How many of us have been sitting in church with our hearts open because we just want Him to be with us…  then the pastor says something like,  “Fear of God? I thought he loved me.” This is also why you can’t just pull any old verse from the book. You have to understand what is going on. )

            We are bodies, souls and spirits. Our body is…well you know what the body is…it’s our interface to the world. And as such has a huge impact on us. Our soul is where our intellect and emotions reside. Our operating system, designed to acquire and analyze data and adjust and move our bodies according to that analysis. Through that we learn a set of regulations and a set of exceptions to those regulations that operate in the world. There is also caused in us predilections toward and away from certain activates. The soul is where habits reside.

            Now enter the spirit. If you accept that The Holy Spirit is in all of us believers, then you have to posit a dimension that connects all of us. And since it connects us to The Father and Jesus….We can take the energy generated by our bodies, (The Matrix is correct... our bodies are electrochemical batteries; or the energy generated by the world if you serve the other,) Force it onto someone or something,  and engage in sorcery., (Pharaoh’s magi were magi because they could do this.). The Spirit speaks to us through our spirit. There are promptings, sometimes real words, sometimes just a feeling of being drawn to something.  So we grow up with a believe that is incorrect and it colors our view of the world and that manifests in our actions. So now we have created the habit of it. Want to know what your unclean spirits are? Think of a painful memory... that pain has marked your soul. An embarrassing memory?   Guilt has marked your soul. Angry memories... injustice. You have to get free from these to be free. And you have to start by disconnecting yourself from the incidents. If someone did them to you, you aren’t responsible. It isn’t yours, throw it away. “No man answers for another’s sin”.

            You can actually visualize reaching into your soul and pulling the incident out of your soul and tossing it away from you, it does feel funny to do this, ( I know.. it feels black and sick and evil.. but you don’t want it anyway.) Don’t bear down and “clench” or “ harden” your heart around it, open up and take it out. You want to have a sense that the incident is leaving you. That is a good thing…All of the negative emotions associated with it are being taken away also, That is the Power and Ability of The Messiah to “cleave between spirit and soul” and take only what is hurtful to you and leave the good in you. And Please don’t use the “I deserve it” excuse, you are only condemning yourself. Because truly, I don’t care if you think you are right or not because I am talking about being right with the Father and Son….that is well worth throwing away a little self righteousness. So be prepared to ignore the guilty “ I caused this” or the self righteous “But they own me this!”. And do it until the pain/guilt/anger leaves. NOW…why I digressed.. DO NOT try to send it back to the person.. THAT’S sorcery, (forcing YOUR will on someone else) and it makes you just like them and that is a step in the wrong direction. You can select to “push” it out of your heart and ask The Spirit to fill the empty place with peace.
            For the Healer: I pull, you can push... same thing. The more important part is the understanding of what it is that you are truly after. Because if you just run up on someone and trying to cast out an unclean spirit and haven’t listened to anything they have said….you can assume that you are about to screw up and much more importantly.. Screw it up and then leave them with a sense that “They can’t heal me.” Or worse “I deserve this.” And that is your fault… so take a moment and listen to what they have to say and let The Spirit guide your heart through the healing.  Many people are holding onto the unclean spirit out of guilt or fear. They have invested emotional energy to keep it and it has become part of their personality. The person has  to be willing to open their heart to release it, otherwise the healing becomes a violent act and will scare or cause them to clutch the emotions tighter. If the person is willing to began speaking about about the issue, then deliverance becomes possible. A good idea is to impart healing to their spirit.  also, a basic form of the casting out is. " I take a hold of this unclean spirit by it's roots and command it cast into the sea." 
Delivering a person is a good time for physical healing so cast their physical infirmities out also. Then impart revelations of His love and grace for them and the person will be truly set free. Only the authority to heal comes from the mind; the understanding of His desire to work the healing and your authority to perform in His Name. The power necessary to heal comes through the Spirit. You MUST take time to connect to the person to complete the healing. 
You can’t forgive anyone until you get free of the incident. Only after you get free of the past... can your spirit finally come forth and His Spirit can live through you. And ask the Spirit for help... it’s why we have Him!


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