WE don't use The Holy Spirit, he uses us.
But that isn't true is it?
How many people have a dictionary? And many people have used it in the past week> The past Month?

"Oh Well.. I don't need a dictionary! I get along just fine!"

A lot of people are expecting to get to Heaven and hear Jesus tell them, " Well done good and faithful servant." But they aren't good and faithful servants. Read Revelations where Jesus talks to the 7 churches.
That isn't what He tells them.
Some people get saved and then expect Him to come and work for them like a hired hand.
Some people get saved and then are afraid of what He is going to ask them to do, ( I tagged myself with this one. )
Some people get saved and expect Him to serve them like they were royalty. 

Many people read the book searching for excuses to bolster their own Kingdom of Self.
Many will take those words and use them hatefully and violently like some Mighty Conqueror! some MIGHTY MAN OF GOD! GIVEN THE HOLY WORD!

All the while blind that they are using their Swords of the Spirit to destroy others' spirits.. The Book calls this "Sacrificing the innocent on the alter of their egos." Jesus calls it "murder."

Many people want to bury their heads, bound to their pasts like a waterwheel.. creaking and crying with every brush up against a painful memory.

People are like pieces of iron all thrown into a pile. Those pieces willing to take a chance, to give it a shot.. maybe it will work maybe it won't but it should be interesting...
Those pieces the Lord pulls from the pile and creates something useful. A knife, a hammer, a screwdriver.
Yes, it does take fire to be able to shape the iron, but I implore you brothers and sisters to take the heat.
Don't be afraid and shy away from it. Don't try to cool off by throwing the heat on someone else, " venting" we call it. Arrogance I call it.
Please stand fast and take the heat because what He will finish from you will last for a very long time.
Much longer than wax, or wood.....or the flames.
the other pieces.......They rot and rust away.

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